How to save money on air tickets with the help of VPN-services

Whether you are going on a trip or a business trip, searching for tickets at a price that does not breach your budget – this is not the most natural thing to do. To view the necessary information on all kinds of services that compare different functions, it will take a lot of time, but the worst thing is that prices from the site to the site only grow. The reason why you can not always buy tickets at a bargain price on similar resources is that these sites usually track your location and show you the costs of the region from where you went to the Internet and even the rates of your city.

Websites that compare air carrier rates track your location with:

Cookies: Cookies track and store your search history, so these websites can determine when you enter the same search query several times and increase the price of tickets for available flights.

IP Addresses: Your IP address (or Internet Protocol) is probably the easiest way for websites to determine your location and give you the prices of the relevant region. To learn more about how to hide your IP address, click on the link.

Mobile device tracking: The GPS feature on your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) can indicate your location. If you view air carrier websites from your mobile device, you probably see different prices depending on where you are.

HTML5 code: HTML5 encoding is another way that websites can track your location when you are working on a PC.

Wi-Fi: If you give such permission to websites, they will be able to determine your location using your Wi-Fi network.

When resources comparing prices for air carrier services form a list of flights for you, they take into account your location, the currency in which you pay, the place of sale and other factors. Often happens so that passengers from different countries using different currencies see different prices for services of the same air carriers, flight in the same direction and on the same date. Needless to say: if you want to save money on air tickets and do not waste too much time looking through various resources for a lucrative offer, the best solution is to hide your location and search history using Super VPN.

Here are some useful tips on how to save money on tickets with the help of VPN.

View websites from a lower-income country server

With the help of VPN-service, replace your IP-address with the address of the country with lower incomes of the population and see for yourself how the prices have changed. For example, if you replace your IP address with a server in India and visit, you will see not the costs for which you were offered to book tickets to the United States.

Since August is the most popular month for travel, we decided to check how the prices for departures from the international airport to them change. John F. Kennedy (JFK) in New York to the airport of Naples (Italy) with the date of departure on August 14 and the time of the return flight on August 21.

That’s what we saw when we changed the IP address to Indian:

It cost us to replace the IP address so that it seemed that we are working on the network from the US, the prices have changed significantly:

Even though the time of flight and the carrier are the same, prices vary dramatically. This, of course, will not save you hundreds of dollars, but even for these $ 72 you can buy souvenirs or pay the bill in a nice restaurant. If you have a fixed travel budget, then by changing your location at the time of booking, you will make life much more comfortable.

Change your IP address to the address of the server of the country of the carrier

You can even try to take the IP address of the country where the air carrier’s office is based. In our example, we want to use the services of Brussels Airlines, whose office is located in Belgium. If you change the IP address to Belgian, then for the same ticket you will pay a different price.

The result with the Belgian IP-address:

Result with US IP address:

In this case, we saved as much as $ 64! Again, such a sum is difficult to call a state, but from such small savings, in the end, the right amounts are being made up. That’s why, by changing the IP-address to the address of the country of the air carrier, you will save a very decent amount.

Other ways to save on air tickets

Clear your search history

As mentioned above, online ticket ordering services can track your location and search history thanks to cookies and adjust prices accordingly. Clean cookies and search history to see the original ticket prices. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that you will see the same rates as if you worked on the Internet anonymously through a VPN service. Some travelers claim that by looking at different versions of international resource sites where you can buy air tickets (for example, .ca for Canada or for the UK), you will see different prices for tickets, and so you can choose something cheaper.

Search for prices for specific dates using the Google flight service

With the help of the Google Flights service, you will find many great deals if you think about the travel budget. So, for example, you can choose the date of the flight, when the ticket price is the lowest. If you already know where you are going, you will need to select a specific period of departure to this place and return. The Google Airline service will help you find the date when the flights are the cheapest, showing you the prices of tickets for each day. This tool is especially useful if you are not critical when exactly you will fly.

Carefully choose the day and time of the flight

According to Rick Seaney, founder of, if you book a ticket for a transatlantic flight on Monday-Thursday, you will save 5% compared to the price of tickets from Friday to Sunday.

3:00 pm on Tuesday is considered a “golden hour” since it is at this time that most cheap places are, but such tickets are usually bought up within three days from the moment they become available. How does it work? The airline sales department makes a weekly discount on Monday afternoon tickets and distributes these discounts on its websites and sites like Competitor companies see these discounts on Tuesday morning and adjust their prices, so the final discounts are available by 3 pm North American Eastern Time. Also, you can save extra if you order tickets, not at the peak, but for the period from 5 to 7 am or after 8 pm.

Combine air travel

If you have a lot of free time and you think more about how to save money, try to experiment with the choice of airlines and the time of flights. For example, you can make a trip with a transfer: this option is usually much cheaper regardless of the final destination. Also, you can decently save, flying to one airport and returning from another, or by using the services of different air carriers.

Is this legal?

If you are worried about whether it is legitimate to use Supervpn free VPN client to order air tickets, be sure that resources for online booking of tickets and air carriers do not see any problems in it. These websites expose different prices for passengers from different regions, therefore, when ordering tickets anonymously through a VPN service, you can significantly save and turn this policy to your advantage.

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