Bernard Arnault, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are some of the richest people living the good life.

They all have a large fortune and thriving businesses. So suppose your ship is coming tomorrow and you find yourself in the Forbes list of the richest people in the world.

The following steps can help you to have a luxurious life like billionaires.

  1. Have a nice comfortable house, old school or new custom home in an upscale neighbourhood with a private life out of the ordinary.

Hire security personnel to the scene with cameras. Keep at least two very well trained for protection and act as a warning means dogs.

  1. Owning a private jet with a crew full time.

Do not give much importance to the cost of fuel, insurance, maintenance and permits. Be prepared to pay a minimum of $ 16 million for the purchase of the aircraft. Add amenities like flat screen televisions, a master suite, sumptuous furnishings and art kitchen, etc..

  1. Arrange for a yacht rescue in case the airline gets boring.

Expect to start with the base price of about $ 80 million and added amenities such as a helicopter, submarine, gym, home cinema and a runabout, and employees. Add expenses for maintenance, insurance and fees marina.

  1. Buy private island, so there is a special place to go on the yacht.

Acquire a small island preserved 20 hectares with a quarter of a mile from the beach on the coast of Granada for as little as $ 20 million.

  1. Put yourself in luxury cars. Go shopping for high-end automobiles like Lamborghini, Bentley and Ferrari.

Develop a taste for passenger cars, low production cost of $ 450,000 to $ 1.6 million unit. Build a huge garage to store vehicles acquired. Hire a staff to keep your car shiny and dust free.

  1. Keep one or more personal assistants on the payroll for phone calls, answer correspondence, browse email, calendar and rank applications by appointment.

Hire a personal concierge service to arrange VIP events, yacht charter (up bought) and arrange travel. Hire three cooks, one of travel, driver, gardener, decorator and looking at an art gallery.

  1. Finance philanthropic projects.

Projects focusing on education, environment, global medical causes or fund a candidate for public office