Facebook has rapidly expanded to become the largest application of Web social network. With the addition of Facebook pages for businesses, it is now possible to generate revenue for your blog, website or product through promotion and marketing on a Facebook page.

Facebook provides tools that can help you increase the number of visitors to your website, which could increase your income. In addition, you can place targeted ads on Facebook, and using a third-party application, you can view the products to sell on Facebook.

  1. Set up a Facebook page. If you already have a Facebook personal account, you only have to choose a business name and create a Facebook page to promote your business or activity. Click “Create Page” at the bottom of the screen on your home page. You can also select “Create Page” at the bottom of the registration screen on Facebook.
  1. Choose from the templates provided. Follow the prompts to provide information about your company, business or website. Add your company logo and a URL to the main site for your business. During the process, you are prompted to provide your personal Facebook account information or to register for a business account only.
  1. Maintain an active presence on Facebook so that people can identify your business, your blog or website and update your notes and messages.
  1. Place ads targeting the Facebook site to promote your product or website. Click on the link “Create an Ad” at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions to create an ad. We must choose the best market for your product. You can advertise to age groups and specific geographic areas or target your ad to people who have specific interests listed on their Facebook profiles.
  1. Sell ​​items on Facebook by using a third party application “Marketplace”. If you already sell products on your website, add the same ads in the “Marketplace” section. To locate the application, type “Marketplace” in the search box at the top of the Facebook page. If you do not see the application, click on “Show more results Marketplace” at the bottom of the results screen. Click on “Apps” on the left side of the page to narrow the results. Read the information carefully since it is a third party application, but it is a very popular application and is used by millions of people every month.

Tips & Warnings

* Consistency is important for your success on Facebook. Plan to update your Facebook page, add new links and share with others in the community on a weekly basis.

* Do not spam people with irrelevant messages always make sure that your efforts complement interests person or group.

* Be careful if you try to build an affiliate recruiting people on the Facebook network, some people may consider it offensive.

* Be careful about the number and type of affiliate products you promote, you do not want to lose readers or viewers because you provide too much irrelevant content!