In this tutorial, we will learn how to travel by car maximum saving money. So you can spend more money on other aspects of your trip so you save on shipping.

Step 1
When travelling by car we have some issues that we can save a lot of money you have to consider:

Have we chosen the shortest route with less traffic jams?
The car is in good condition? Have you recently passed a revision?
Are we going to share travel expenses with more people?

If the answers to these questions is yes, we can be sure that we are on track.

Step 2
We must follow the driving laws when travelling by car. Imagine how much that could cost us a fine for speeding.

Do not spend money on these types of offences in respect of all speed limits and signals. They are there for our safety and that of others.

Step 3
Being a good driver cannot save much money when travelling by car. We try to keep the engine speed to a minimum at all times. Thus, consume less and less demand.

Step 4
It is best to carpool whenever we can. Several people travelling in one vehicle split spending and pay less than everyone travelling in a different car.

There are pages that allow us to find our travellers to the same destination on the dates that interest us. So we can spend much less on the trip.

Step 5
We travel to the peak hours. It’s first and last hours of the day are best for travel by car. On the one hand, avoid using the air conditioner and other be fewer cars on the roads.

Step 6
Avoid the use of the roof. luggage must carry in the car. By placing objects on the roof the car will have more friction with the air. This results in increased fuel consumption.

Step 7
It is more profitable to use the air conditioning to lower the windows. Having car windows downs means more fuel consumption, as consumption increases. Furthermore, it has more freshness with the air conditioning.