If you take some time thinking of starting your own business and have clear ideas on! We asked Miguel Ramos what are the keys to undertake successfully. Read on!

1. What are the steps to take a woman who wants to take?
The first step is to act. Action both in the sense of taking action as in to play a role. Do not (cannot) spend too much time analyzing the possibilities or study the market before embarking. In the New Economy, the idea is validated by actual tests of half-baked ideas. The concept was then improved according to the results obtained in each micro-step. Fall into the “Analysis Paralysis” can destroy the entrepreneurial impetus. The woman who wants to undertake must also assume the role of entrepreneur, separating personal and he doubts that his real brakes may have. The English phrase is Fake it until you Make it (make it up until it’s real).

Two. What clues can make your idea succeed?
The key today is light undertaking. Entrepreneurial She understands that there are many bumps in the road and that is good! Far from depressing, she takes these steps for your personal and business growth. Light entrepreneurship involves cycles of ideas – evidence – data – analysis that is constantly repeated:
Ideas: Have an idea for a product. Search for photos that resemble your idea. Describe why you are interested in your prospect. Do not stop in details: Search for the thrill, not the specification.

Testing: Publish adverts offering different versions. Spend as little as possible. Fail-free platforms like Blogs, eBay, Mil Ads, Used etc.
Facts: You measure how many responses you get ads. Compared among them. Do not worry about the numbers themselves. Interested in comparing results between versions, including ads, in media, etc.. to be selecting the most effective.
Analysis: Interpret the answers to each experiment. What image/texts achieved more answers? Are there significant differences between the versions? Does the idea or potential seem better to leave it and try it? Reconsider the original idea, do another test, which determines whether the data are representative got. Repeat cycles quickly looking small but significant increases.

Three. Why would a woman want to take must have notions of online marketing?
Online marketing allows us to reach a large audience inexpensively. It is ideal for a lightweight enterprise platform. It is economically impossible for a person to pay for TV ads. However, it is very cheap (or even free) to communicate over the Internet where it is important to know how to achieve the best possible outcome. In the online world, you can become an expert in your area, create communities of followers and make rapid testing of new concepts at a very low cost.
April. What is the role of new technologies in the success of the venture?

Technology is the tool of the artist. Do not rely on it 100%. The real strength of entrepreneurship, especially early, rest in your circle of influence expanded, yes, by the technologies that allow you to multiply your effectiveness as never before. How does one worker take to open a trench with a mechanical digger or just a shovel? Either is possible, but there is no doubt that it will much more quickly if you learn to use the technology available.

May. What are the main obstacles to an enterprising woman? How can you overcome them?
The main obstacles are internal. If you win, you all. Today, at least in the West, there are no external barriers to female entrepreneurship. Yes, both men and women must overcome personal doubts, insecurities and prejudices. The most important word that every entrepreneur should remember is “adaptability”. Whoever intends to continue doing things as before will not get the same results. Women tend to be more demanding with the same man, hoping to be better prepared, having things clearer before boarding a professional or business venture. For their sake, it is to minimize this feeling enterprising woman jumping into the pool much earlier, learning and improving as you go.

6. How is the current situation of women entrepreneurship in Spain?
When nothing is sure, everything is possible. A panorama of crisis, in which many took for certain objectives (such as employment insurance, home, etc.) have proven unrealistic, is the best opportunity for the rise of female entrepreneurship as the great force of the future. We can look at figures from education, where women are increasingly better prepared or direct sales figures showing rates of 60 to 80% of women, depending on the country.

7. And the prognosis for the future?
The future is not what it was. From young, we had clear steps to take. Today all that has changed. No matter your age, you must see the world through the eyes of newborn, yet to be discovered and everything to do. Build on what you have and what you know but let that limit you. The future is not dinosaurs, big and powerful. It is small, agile and adaptable.

8. What advice would you give to a woman who wants to take at this time?
Ensures aircraft parachute and jump. Everything takes longer than you think. So start now, then it’s late. If you have project, do not wait. Follow steps to validate your light entrepreneurship ideas. If you have jobs, but do not let him leave or get ready to lose. At all times, use new technologies to learn more about new technologies. The network is an infinite source of inspiration, information and opportunities.